What is Portalnauts?

Portalnauts is a platforming action adventure game full of interdimensional travel, multiple characters with special abilities and sassy computers. Join the Portalnauts as they quest to save the universe from an evil that threatens to destroy not just the world, but the entire multiverse!

March Dev Update!

There’s a new development update video taking a look at the latest additions to the game. Check it out below!


Demo Released!

The first Portalnauts alpha demo is available now! What are you still doing here? You should be out there playing it right now!



Portalnauts is a platforming action game featuring multiple characters to switch between, each with their own unique abilities, with a mission to save the world from an inter-dimensional evil!

The demo features a brief gameplay tutorial, 4 levels of action platforming awesomeness and a boss battle with a giant mummy robot in a pyramid! How could you possibly lose!

Click one of the links below to download the game and check it out for yourself!

Portalnauts for Windows (Portalnauts Alpha v0.1.9)


Portalnauts for Mac (Portalnauts Alpha v0.1.9)



Introducing Mumm-Bott

Most of the last week has been spent on developing the systems for the first boss battle of the game/demo, the evil Mumm-Bott!


It feels like a pretty fun and challenging battle, which should be hard at first, but once you work out the pattern it follows it should be a lot more straightforward. He has fists that slam down on the ground to squash you and lasers he shoots from his eyes!


His head sprite looks a bit basic at the moment, and I’ll probably focus on tidying that up this week, as well as continue designing levels for the upcoming demo release. Stay tuned to twitter.com/gamesplusjames and twitch.tv/gamesplusjames for all the latest Portalnauts updates!

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