March Dev Update!

There’s a new development update video taking a look at the latest additions to the game. Check it out below!  

Demo Released!

The first Portalnauts alpha demo is available now! What are you still doing here? You should be out there playing it right now!   Portalnauts is a platforming action game featuring multiple characters to switch between, each with their own unique abilities, with a mission to save the world from an inter-dimensional evil! The demo Read More

Introducing Mumm-Bott

Most of the last week has been spent on developing the systems for the first boss battle of the game/demo, the evil Mumm-Bott! It feels like a pretty fun and challenging battle, which should be hard at first, but once you work out the pattern it follows it should be a lot more straightforward. He Read More

Video Update Time!

Rather than a text-filled update, this week we’ve got a video update for Portalnauts! Check it out below!

Demo Tutorial Made!

Development on the game is coming along pretty well, and this week I’ve spent time working on a tutorial level for the demo. This has included adding new event systems, special collectibles and designing ways of showing off instructions for the player. You can see some of it in action below! The tutorial level probably Read More

New Desert Tiles

It’s Tuesday, so it’s time for another scheduled update! Most of the stuff I’ve been working on in the past week has been control improvements and designing some levels for playtesting. I’ve also been working on how hazards and enemies will work in the game, all stuff that will hopefully pay off in the near Read More

Website Launched!

Welcome to the first update of 2015! In the first bit of news, hey look the site is working! It’s not quite finished yet, needs some more details and whatnot, but the bones are all here, I just need to give it some spooky skeleton armour bits and bobs. This is the first official post Read More

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